More Dusty Rails

Well, I went back to the antique store and re-inspected the bag of Lionel train parts I mentioned yesterday.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I was right.

The missing engine trucks, the base for the coal hauler, and a few other things were located amid the broken flatbed and other fragment.  I could have argued that I should have gotten those engine trucks for free, seeing how I bought the rest of the engine, but I didn’t feel like going there; I just paid for the bag and went on my way.

I did, however, take a look at those other two components – namely, the power box and the rail light post.  The power box was that in name only; if I was a collector of 1940s bakelite, I’d have gotten it and been happy.  But as it was, the thing was barely in one piece.  The base was cracked and missing pieces, and the knobs fell off when I tried to turn them.  As for the light post, not only were the bulbs broken off and gone, but they were damaged in such a fashion to make the entire post unusable even as a non-functioning prop.  So while I hate the idea of breaking up a set, this was a set that was more broken than one should have been.  I did nothing wrong by taking only the more salvageable portions of what was there.

And get this – someone I know is sending me some more Dust Tactics stuff.  One of the add-on campaigns, all of its components, and a vehicle; I should have them by the middle of next week at the latest.  Interesting how, after having given up on the whole thing, Dust Tactics merchandise is falling out of the skies around me.

Maybe I should give up on money next . . .


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