About Me

I’m Dr. Furious.  The name is an inside joke – and I’ll probably explain it some day.

I like films and film production, among other things.  I collect soundtracks and replica film props, which occasionally, I like to take a stab at making.  I have no illusions that my props are top of the line; sometimes they barely make the grade.  But I enjoy trying and frankly, I’ve learned more about prop-making from my failures than I could have learned anywhere else.

So . . . this blog is an attempt to share what I’ve done – good and bad.  Occasionally, I like to experiment, so I may toss a few of those items out there, too.  I have absolutely no clue about where this will lead or how often I’ll be able to take part, but I’m excited.  I hope that I’m not alone in this, but if so, I hope that anyone viewing will enjoy this “experiment,” too!


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