Useful Finds

While I’m working on other projects, I’ve been taking stock of things on store shelves that might be of use at some future date.

I was at JoAnn Fabrics this weekend and found a number of interesting things.  Apparently – I didn’t know this – “fairy gardens” are a thing.  From the way it was explained to me, people have these small gardens wherein they create small diorama style themed settings for “fairies.”  Gnome villages, beaches, 1950s Americana – you name it, chances are you can find small components with which you can create a miniature park.Resized_20170602_151306.jpeg (2)

What first caught my attention was this set of “concrete” planters; it was probably their size, as they’d be perfect for a table using either 28mm or 54mm figures.  I’m guessing they’re either ceramic or resin, because they do have some weight.  Although marked at $13 for the set, JoAnn’s had marked them down significantly; I think I shelled out just over $5.  Given what’s here, it’s almost worth it.

My problem, as you can see, is the rather pathetic looking greenery included.

Let me get you a better view:

Resized_20170602_151343.jpeg (2)Yeah, that’s some hopeless looking vegetation.  I’m guessing that there were limits on just how much of this green colored lichen (or sawdust, I can’t really tell) was used, because no one  planter has more or less than the next; it’s like each was specifically measured out and that was that.


I could have left them alone, but then I’d have nothing to discuss.  That’s when I brought out my secret weapon:


Ten minutes later, it would seem that I’d developed a green thumb:

Resized_20170602_173322.jpeg (2)

I’m not completely satisfied with how they look – I mean, this foliage is really just shredded foam – but at least now the planters have something that resembles a bush.  These might make some interesting hedgerows if I use them with Bolt Action, or they might factor into some other tabletop game.  In fact, they might work nicely with something else I found on JoAnn’s shelves:

Resized_20170602_150524.jpeg (2)

I picked up resin naval cannons, which are a part of a pirate themed set.  While none of the other naval items were to scale (or applicable) for me, the cannon – with all of it’s imperfections – just called out to me.  Frankly, I think it was the fact that they were about $3 each (down from $7).  I’ve yet to do a more scientific comparison, but they appear to appropriate for 28mm to 54mm use.

Which is good, because look what I just happened to come into?