The Final Frontier

Given my previous posts on Star Trek, is it any wonder why I’m excited about what’s happening on the RPG front?

Modiphius Entertainment has just released their Star Trek Adventures RPG (PDF  available now, with hardcover sometime later this month), and it looks great.  Allowing one to play from any era of Star Trek – from the early days of Enterprise, all the way to Nemesis.

As of now, there’s nothing about the Kelvin Timeline (the newer films), and this was in the pipeline before CBS announced Discovery.  Thus, it’ll be interesting to see if those two interpretations will be included as pending add-on modules.



As for figures, look at these sculpts!



They’ve even included Nurse Chapel!



Nice Klingons, but sadly, not TOS.


Even the Romulans look good!


Tasha’s here, Data’s armed, and Riker . . . is Riker.

They’ve even prepared their own dice (in Command, Science, and Services colors).  All in all, it looks like an interesting and worthwhile pursuit.  Early reviews of the system are positive, too – always a plus.  I’m hoping that Modiphius comes out with sets for Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, but those might be a ways off.

Pricing is pretty standard:  PDF is $16, with the hardcover going for $55.

Supposedly, there’ll be a quick start version of the game available on DrivethruRPG soon.


Writing Help?

I know this is going to sound crazy, but does anyone know of a book on how to write or create one’s own RPG?

I suppose that I could model what I want to do on the games that I own, but I’m really just interested in finding a decent book that explains the creation process.